Long Island

Tips On Preparing For A Long Island Vacation


Long Island extends eastward from Brooklyn to Montauk. The island is made up of 4 regions and 115 miles of suburban area from a total of 1,723 square miles. Many of the locals prefer to live on the island year-round, but others will migrant south to avoid the harsh winter. There are also many ritzy vacation home located in the Hamptons that belong to wealthy city dwellers. Many tourists visiting New York City will discreetly travel to Long Island, just to spend a little quiet time of one of its many beaches.


Nassau County


Nassau County is densely populated and divided into the South and North Shore. However, the North Shore is mostly compiled of rocky beaches and hilly roads. This area is not as popular among tourists as the South Shore, because it does not offer the same benefits. The South Shore is compiled of beautify sandy beaches that are flat and very easy to access. You can actually access the South Shore from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Shore from Connecticut, which is where a lot of the tourists come from.


Nassau County is made up of 6 cities, including Long Beach, Glen Cove, Merrick, Mineola, Plainview, and Rockville Centre. The county is located between Queens County and Suffolk County, being the largest by square mile. Most of the locals speak English, but there are a few Spanish-speaking locals that reside in Westbury, Freeport, and Uniondale.


Suffolk County


Suffolk County is home to some of the most popular beaches in Long Island. Shelter Island and Fire Island are known to many of the locals as offshore islands. These islands are compiled of summer beach homes, with many of them being rented out for temporary use. Believe it or not, you will also find a few rural farmlands in Suffolk County, especially near the Riverhead and Montauk Point areas. You can access Suffolk County from Nassau County by bus and from Connecticut by ferry. Tourist often travel throughout the county by rental car, by there are always a taxi lurking around to provide you with short or long trip transportation.




Both counties offer a wide range of entertainment for all age groups. There will always be a beach awaiting your arrival, so you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The Atlantis Marine World Aquarium and Vanderbilt Museum are very popular tourist destinations, located in Suffolk County. You can also sign up for a skydiving tour at the Long Island Sky Diving Center, if you have the stomach for it.